Importing products from a single file is the FASTEST way to add products in bulk to the shopping cart and place an order.

Steps to upload do a quick a bulk order upload (5 second upload!!)

  1. Download the CSV /Excel template using "Download Sample CSV" link below
  2. Add the warehouse ID into your spreadsheet. Use the warehouse that is closest to you or simply use BR (Brea, California) as the default warehouse:
    • California = BR
    • Florida = FL
    • Georgia = AT
    • Illinois = CH
    • Pennsylvania = PA
    • Texas = TX
    • Utah = UT
    • Washington = WA
  3. Keep the Unit of Measure and VariantID columns EMPTY
  4. Upload your CSV file
  5. You're done! 
  6. Hit next 

Click to upload or Drop files here.